Executive Summary

Global Pictures Media is a fully-integrated media service company that offers partial-financing of the P&A budgets of feature films needed to release them theatrically in the United States. P&A stands for “Prints and Advertising” which are the hard costs associated with the theatrical release of feature films.

Global Pictures offers approx. 30% of the media spend in a subordinate position to the debt financiers of each film at a very competitive rate.

Our seasoned team collaborates with the creative producers, each distributor’s marketing team, to determine the demographic of each film we invest in. Once we determine the demographic, we work closely with to create a comprehensive media plan which details all media to be purchased on behalf of the film. All parties will have an opportunity to vet our media plan and sign-off on the hard media and costs before any funds exchange hands to complete those purchases.

Ideal financing partners for us will include private equity investors, hedge funds, banks, and non-studio sources of P&A debt financing.

Ideal films for us include both wide and limited releases of high-quality, engaging stories we feel are highly marketable to the general population or to a specific demographic such as faith/family.

At Global Pictures, we believe that teamwork and quality are of the highest importance and we will work hard to make sure all creative members involved in the release of the film are given a voice in its marketing and release strategy, and to deliver highly-coveted, gold-standard media.