Global Pictures Media’s services are performed in tandem with the top media services agencies in the world. Global Pictures Media has full access to the expert teams within their theatrical and analytics departments. This enables us to provide clients with complete planning and activation across all media platforms.


Agency of Record


Global Pictures Media, LLC serves as a traditional agency and performs the following for clients:


  • Media plan is created in conjunction with the distributor’s marketing team using target demographics, release patterns, budget and research.
  • All media plans are subject to client approval.
  • We traffic all creative to the appropriate media outlets.
  • Post analysis is performed on all campaigns.


Gathering competitive information through intensive research


With access to industry leading, detailed research and reporting systems we are able to gather the information needed to make informed advertising decisions.


Creating budgets, media plans and schedules


Identifying an attainable budget while providing the film with enough media to ensure the best chance of success is the first step. A well planned and thoroughly executed media buy is the second element to a successful return on the investment of your advertising budget. Reaching your target audience while maximizing response is crucial and to accomplish this we provide:


  • Research to identify core targets
  • Plan the media insertion calendar
  • Implement the placement
  • Monitor results


Placing advertising on all applicable media platforms


We place media based on your target demographic on the following platforms:


  • Network Television
  • National Cable/Syndication
  • Syndicated TV Shows
  • Spot Broadcast
  • Spot Cable
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Network Radio
  • Spot Radio
  • National and Local Newspapers
  • National Magazines
  • Trade Magazines
  • Out of Home Advertising
  • And Much More


Traffic Management and Campaign Analytics


By evaluating what is working in your media plan we are able to update the campaign in real-time (pivot) in order to continuously ensure that every media dollar is maximized to its full potential.


Tracking, Analytics and Reconciliation


The following documentation is provided to insure transparency and accountability:


  • Records of all transactions regarding advertising, including back-up documentation
  • Update campaigns on-the-fly as necessary
  • Copies of paid invoices are presented to client with signed affidavits of performance