Timeline & Flow Of Funds


Movie Selected, term sheet approved and signed by all parties


An escrow agreement is agreed upon by all parties


Demographic target, marketing strategy and budget allocation identified by distribution and marketing team in coordination with Global Pictures Media


Media plan is created and then distributed by Global Pictures Media, accompanied by research and analytics supporting the media plan rationale


All parties review and sign off on the media plan. The senior/mezz lender may opt to retain a 3rd party consultant at their expense to review the plan


A cash deposit equaling 70% of entire media plan is placed in escrow by senior/mezz lender within 48 hours of media plan sign-off. ** This step is to be no later than 90 days prior to the initial media launch


Global Pictures’ credit facility will be billed for the first 30% of each media invoice in advance and then will submit these partially paid invoices to the escrow agent reflecting the remaining balance of 70% due to be paid from the escrow account


8. Global pictures Media will issue the escrow agent “Paid in Full” receipts for each payment due and the agent will simultaneously release wire transfers to Global Pictures Media who physically purchase the media and act as the agency of record