Chad Doher


Chad Doher is a life-long entrepreneur. After graduating college, he helmed his family’s 50-year-old residential & commercial roofing company. He later started an automotive dealership and collision shop whose success allowed him to expand his holdings to include a large real estate portfolio, a mortgage company, a chain of restaurants, and several trucking & limousine companies. After being introduced to some of the top media experts over 15 years ago, Chad used his entrepreneurial prowess and their years of media knowledge and contacts, creating a boutique media agency whose current media clients include some of the largest companies and brands in the hospitality, development, entertainment and product sectors. Since co-founding Global Pictures Media 5 years ago, Chad has Executive Produced many films, including: ARCTIC DOGS with Jeremy Renner, THE WAR WITH GRANDPA with Robert DeNiro, REPLICAS with Keanu Reeves, LBJ directed by Rob Reiner, starring Woody Harrelson, and THE BOOK OF LOVE with Jason Sudeikis and Jessica Biel, and three horror films; BAD SAMARITAN directed by Dean Devlin, FRIEND REQUEST, FOLLOWED which was #1 at the USBO for two weeks over the summer.